Space Saving Sliding Barn Door

Space Saving Sliding Barn Door

8' sliding barn door

Space Saving Solution

Our Seattle based clients had a problem: an itty bitty hallway that leads to all their bedrooms with a great big closet for their washer and dryer.

And let’s be honest – who wants to see a washer and dryer staring at them on their way to bed?

Reminding you of that two-week old pile of laundry in your hamper…

Thought not.

8' sliding barn door

The previous owner’s solution was bi-fold doors.

8' sliding barn door

Practical? Yes.

Pretty? No.

Our solutions to most things?

Sliding Barn Doors!

How We Did It

Being the cost conscious designers we are, we opted for select pine planks from Home Depot. We used 1x2x8 (for the inlay), 1x4x8s, and 1x6x8s.

8' sliding barn door

First thing first: build a frame! These planks of wood are towards the back — facing the washer and dryer. Don’t worry, we still sanded and stained them so this side is still pretty.

Just not as pretty as what’s ahead!

8 foot sliding barn door

Once our frame was built out we started cutting our chevron inlay.

8' sliding barn door

Our clients love the look of random colored planks. So, they chose 4 different stains for the inlay.

Once all the staining was done we were in awe of how gorgeous this was turning out!

Nick nailed each chevron plank into place.

8 foot sliding barn door

Once the door was constructed it was time to hang the hardware. Not only did the hardware have to span the 8′ wide closet opening but also another 8′ so the closet opening would be fully exposed!

This is one of many sliding barn doors we’ve made and installed. We love the hardware made by the craftsmen at Artisan Hardware—and no, we’re not getting paid to say that. Check ’em out…they also do custom orders!


drum roll please….

8' barn door

Have you ever tried sliding doors as a space saving solution in your own home? You don’t even have to make your own. Many salvage yards have tons of gorgeous doors! Purchase the hardware, install it in your desired location, and boom! Space saving magic!

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