Apartment CPR

Apartment CPR

I swear I’m not creepy. I’m one of those people who, when walking by a home with the curtains open, will peek in to see what it looks like. I’ve also been known to visit a restroom just to see what they’ve done to the place. I’m interested in space—almost to a fault. Nick sometimes says I’m a creepster. He says creepster; I say researcher.

The more spaces I see the more inspired I become. I’m especially enthralled with small spaces and how they can be maximized. We often think we need more—that we don’t have enough. I applaud those who rock out what they have and that’s what my vlog series, Nooks with Nestrs, is all about. Until I can no longer afford it, I will bring to you creative and beautiful small spaces with Nooks with Nestrs – proving to you that home is what you make it. You just have to think outside the box.

My first stop is the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Lauren and Ben are both performers—but that’s not all. Ben basically grew up in a theatre in New Jersey where he was hands on building sets and creating theatrical worlds. Lauren has a passion for beautiful spaces and is part of a dynamic trio and small business: Apartment CPR. Lauren and her team dramatically transform spaces giving their clients the dream home they’ve always wanted. When you put two creatives like this together in a 430 sq. ft. studio, the Manhattan sky is the limit!

I couldn’t have brought this video to you all by myself. Huge kudos to my videographer Gregg Monteith. Check out his website for more information on how this musician and filmmaker can help you! Enjoy episode 1 of Nooks with Nestrs!

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