How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House in 2021

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House in 2021

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House in 2021

If you pull into your driveway day after day and can’t help thinking your home could use a bit of a refresh, maybe it’s time to think about painting! Whether you want to refresh the same color or go in a different direction, the question we’re all asking is how much it will cost? Let’s take a look at how to determine how much you’ll be spending so you can decide if you’ll be dusting off your ladder or leaving it to the professionals

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Estimation of Costs by Size 

Size or the amount of exterior you need to be painted is the most significant factor in that total number. The average cost ranges from $650 for smaller homes and upwards of $6,200 for larger homes, with the average being about $2,900. 

If you’re painting your home yourself, that takes off the labor cost. Keep in mind that every professional company will charge differently depending on their services and the prep work needed. That is a wide range, and you might not have a ton of confidence in the actual price to paint your house. Let’s look at the details to help narrow it down. 

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How far does a gallon of paint go

The size of the job determines the cost of supplies. If you have brick on your house and it’s not being painted, don’t include that section of your home. One gallon of paint typically covers roughly 400 square feet, so keep that in mind when estimating costs.

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How much does a gallon of paint cost

Remember! You get what you pay for when it comes to the quality of paint! A gallon of paint can cost anywhere from $20-$55. Exterior paint usually costs a bit more than interior because it’s formulated to withstand the elements! We recommend not getting stingy when it comes to paint quality. The lower the quality, the more coats you’ll end up needing, and honestly, you’ll end up spending the same amount on paint supplies but more on labor.

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What makes up the cost of painting

The total cost of your paint job includes a lot more than just the paint. So what else makes up that cost?

Materials: In addition to the paint, other materials go into the overall process. If you’re doing the job yourself, you’ll need to think about brushes and paint sprayers, rollers, buckets, tape, drop cloths, etc. 

Depending on what prep work is needed, you may need other materials. 

Labor: This is tough to really assess and give a number because every company is different, and several factors determine the job’s difficulty. 

Price may be higher if:

One factor that increases the labor cost and the total price is how difficult the access is. If your home is several stories high, has a steep yard, or maybe the neighbor’s houses are super close? These factors may make the total price higher.

Additionally, if you want more than one color, the cost will increase.

Price may be lower if:

If your house is pretty open and easy to access, this will bring down the price. Also, remember how we talked about the total size of your home? Even if your home is more extensive, if half of it is brick and won’t be included in the painted sections, the overall cost will be lower than a similar-sized home with a more extensive job area.

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How Long Will Paint Last

If your house was painted with high-quality paint and done well overall, it should last about ten years. Lower quality paint will not hold up that long, and your house may need some love after five years. How long your color lasts depends on how harsh the weather is, if your house is in direct sunlight, and of course, the material. Brick, stucco, and aluminum or wood siding hold up differently and may need to be repainted sooner. 

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Do You Need to Paint Your Siding?

While every material is different, there are some telltale signs that your siding may need to be repainted.

This goes without saying, but if the color is fading or the paint is peeling, it needs a refresh. If the paint on your siding is bubbling, this may be a sign of wet or dry rot from harsh weather and will require attention. If the paint has a chalky residue, it means the paint is breaking down and is no longer protecting the facade.

We can’t forget about outdated colors and trends! What looked good then may not look good now!

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Do it Yourself or Hire a Pro.

Now it’s decision time. Will you hire a professional, or will you dust off your ladder and DIY hat to do the job yourself? Whatever you choose, remember the exterior of your home is its first impression. Whether it’s your own guests, your neighbors, or maybe even future home buyers, you want the exterior of your home to look high quality, with its best foot forward.  

If you’re confident in your painting abilities and are up for the job, don’t let me stop you! You can save hundreds of dollars when you’re not paying for the labor costs. However, if you don’t have the time or patience to do the job, you may want to hire a professional company. This will definitely save you a headache and get your house looking refreshed in no time.

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Final thoughts

Several factors go into estimating how much it will cost to paint your house in 2021. Remember to consider them all when crunching the numbers. If you go the professional route, make sure to get 2-3 bids before deciding which company is the right fit!

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What color are you painting your house?

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