How to Best Decorate White Walls: Bedroom Edition

How to Best Decorate White Walls: Bedroom Edition

How to Best Decorate White Walls: Bedroom Edition

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How to Best Decorate White Walls: Bedroom Edition

The best way to decorate white walls in your bedroom

Whether you’re into minimal design, love to add bright colors, don’t have much natural light or like to change up your bedroom design often, a white bedroom may be the right choice for you! A white bedroom is a classic choice and provides the perfect blank canvas to style your bedroom however you want! So how do you decorate this blank canvas??

White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

We definitely need to add a lil somethin’ somethin’ to these white walls so we can create our own personal sanctuaries.

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White and warm woods 

The first way to bring some coziness into the space is by adding wood elements. White walls and wood furniture, especially warm-toned wood, are like chocolate and peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, chips and salsa — the perfect combo. And it works with SO MANY styles: rustic, Scandinavian, mid-century, modern, etc.

Decorating white walls with warm woods

Add depth with pattern and texture 

If you want to keep the neutral theme but need a way to give your room some pizazz, we suggest adding a pattern or texture. You can still keep it white or in the neutral family, but this will keep the white walls from looking flat. You can do something small like adding textured pillows in muted tones or go a little bigger by adding a white patterned wallpaper on a light grey background. Whether you go with the textured pillows against crisp white bedding or the feature wall (or both!), you’ll be adding extra layers of interest to those white walls.

Decorating white walls with patterns and textures

Tone down the brightness with off-grey white  

We know that bright white walls aren’t for everyone, so if you want something a little different but still want your bedroom to be light and bright, try an off-white or grey white. These colors are close enough to white to reap all of the same benefits but might be a little closer to your comfort zone.


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Decorate white walls with off-white colors

Heighten ceilings with a statement headboard

Want to know a little trick? If you go with a tall, statement headboard, you can make your ceilings feel SO MUCH higher. To take it one step further, try vertical stripes! This will not only act as artwork for that blank canvas, but it’ll give the room a focal point and break up the white.

Glitter and glamour with gold 

Is glamour and sparkle more your style? Try adding some gold accents! Just adding a few pieces of gold decor can take your space from drab to fab. Be careful, though — a little goes a long way. Make the gold accents seen and not heard, if you know what I mean. This will keep your room looking classy, glamorous, and expensive!

Choose a statement bed 

Choosing a statement bed is probably MY favorite way to spice up those white bedroom walls. It’s easy for a white bedroom to lack focus, so adding a statement bed takes it one step further than the headboard. Whether you go with a bold color or shape, upholstered or detailed, the blank canvas gives you the ultimate freedom to choose a bed that really stands out!

Add a rustic touch with white-washed walls  

Is cozy and rustic more your style? There is a shade of white for you! White-washed, wooden walls can bring a warmer, rustic element to your bedroom. It keeps the look timeless, chic, and warm.  

Decorate white walls by adding a rustic touch

Make it coastal with blue accents 

Are you trying to find a way to add a pop of color? The color options are endless when you have white walls, but if you’re looking to make your bedroom feel like an escape from reality, try adding blue accents. This will give your space a coastal vibe!

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Interior decorating doesn’t have to be a challenge. Get in touch with us at Nestrs — let’s talk about design and style for your home!

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