Nestrs | 8 Simple Steps to Make a Bed Your Guests Will Love
I know I know... making a bed can be HARD!!! Here are simple steps for your guests to be WOWED when they walk in their room.
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8 Simple Steps to Make a Bed Your Guests Will Love

8 Simple Steps to Make a Bed Your Guests Will Love

A gorgeous Iron Bed with White Bedding that is beautifully made.

You probably have been making your bed since you were little.


Or maybe Mom made your bed for you.


Either way, no judgment here. Honestly, if I had kids, I know the *right* thing would be to teach them how to make their own beds … but I love making beds so much, I wouldn’t want to rob myself of all the fun!


If you’ve always wondered how to get that hotel-look we show you how to make a bed in 8 simple steps!


Host of the Year

I’m obviously an advocate for making your bed. It’s the first thing Nick and I do when we wake up. It gets our day going on the right foot. But if you’re a roll-outta-bed-get-dressed-leave-in-under-10-minutes kind of person, then you do you!

But when you have guests, you want them to feel comfortable special even. Whether the guests are in your own home or your Air BnB, you’ll get bonus points for a hotel-style bed. 


Step 1

Invest in a great mattress. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. Here’s one that we LOVE! We have put this mattress in all of our Air BnBs. It’s not super firm or ridiculously soft. It’s right in the middle (the Goldilocks of mattresses, if you will!). You’ll make most of your guests happy with a mattress like this.


Step 2

Protect that investment! Always use a mattress protector. Guard against spills, oils, dust mites, and dreaded bed bugs. Remember, not all mattress protectors are the same. Make sure yours specifically mentions bed bug protection like this one does.


Step 3

Wrap your mattress in a fitted sheet. Don’t lose too much sleep over thread count because it’s really not as important as we are all led to believe. The quality of the thread matters most. We’re fans of 100% cotton, but that’s not as wrinkle-free or stain-resistant as a polyester blend.

A king size bed with white bedding and gold pillows with a wood plank wall behind it.

Step 4

The next step in how to make a bed is to layer on a flat sheet. The trick here is to lay the flat sheet pattern side-down. (If your flat sheet is a solid color, look for the band at the top of the sheet to identify the decorative side). The decorative side of the fitted sheet is softer and meant to rest against your skin. Fold the top of the flat sheet over to show off the decorative band or design.


Step 5

Add texture and warmth with a quilt or blanket. Spread this layer over the flat sheet. Then, fold over the flat sheet and quilt together. Tuck the bottoms of the quilt and flat sheet under the bed. Clean up the sides by folding hospital corners (details on how to achieve this look in our video below!).

Step 6

Pillow time! There are a lot of great suggestions or “rules” on what kind and how many pillows to put on different sized beds. Try not to get hung up on anything specific. Go for balance and comfort whatever that means to you. For us, on full or queen size beds, we like to have four pillows: 2 for each guest, one firm and one soft. We also add a decorative sham pillow, just for looks. For a twin bed, cut that pillow count in half. If you have a king, you can have more fun! Add a few extra pillows if you feel that 4-6 don’t cut it. Don’t forget to protect your pillows from oils, stains, dust mites, and bugs with a pillow protector like this one.

Step 7

Join us on the duvet bandwagon! We love a duvet because you can change out the cover just for fun or to match the season. Tri-fold the duvet at the foot of the bed to balance the overall look. This also makes it easy for your guests to pull up the duvet when it’s time for shut-eye.


Step 8

Now you can have fun with decorative pillows. Get wild and crazy with pattern, texture, color … or all three!

King sized bed with blue, gold, and orange pillows with a large hexagon art piece hanging over the bed.

Wait…Go Back to this Hospital Corners Thing…

Need more visual inspiration to get going? We made a 9-minute video to demonstrate these steps. Impress your guests with a hotel-style bed in your home or rental!

We’d love to see your ‘before’ and ‘after’ beds! Send pictures to welcomehome@nestrs.com to be featured on our social media channels!

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