Switch Your Switch: Update Your Lighting Switches to Update Your Home’s Look!

Switch Your Switch: Update Your Lighting Switches to Update Your Home’s Look!

Updating your light switch is a project you can do without an electrician. Who doesn’t love an easy upgrade that can help you achieve a fresh look in your home?!

And the best part? It’s inexpensive!

Choosing Your Switch

There are so many options out there. You’ll want to make sure the style and color of your switch coordinate with your home. (Remember, we’re just talking about the “switch” part now — keep scrolling for ideas to dress it up with a fun and unique faceplate!)

Here’s a brief switch guide to get you oriented. These options operate only one light fixture. There are, of course, other configurations should you have several switches in one box.

Rocker switch: Modern with a large surface area.

Toggle switch: As classic as they come.

Push Button Switch: SUPER old school.

Proximity Switch:  Looks great in modern spaces, built-in motion sensor with tons of colors to boot.

Smart Light Switch: We haven’t tried these yet, but this one comes highly rated on Amazon.

Dressing Up Your Switch

There are so many creative faceplate options to polish off your light switch!

Decorating a kid’s room or family craft room? How cute is this cover?

We love the detail on this faceplate:

If handcrafted is your thing, check out Etsy for all sorts of amazing options!

Installing Your Switch

Installing your switch is an easy DIY project. (Although, best to get your landlord’s permission if you’re a renter.) The materials are inexpensive and are carried by most local hardware stores.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Check out our tutorial to get you switchin’!   In this six-minute video, we focus on single light switches. The process is similar for a 3-way switch, but you’ll have a few extra steps. As always, follow the directions supplied by the manufacturer.

If you give it a go, send us your before and after pics! Email them to welcomehome@nestrs.com and we’ll share on Instagram!
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