Temporary Wallpaper Review and How-To Install

Temporary Wallpaper Review and How-To Install

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Temporary wallpaper has come a long way. From nearly impossible to install to falling off your wall a week after you put it up — but now, the installation and longevity of these products are no longer headache-inducing.

It’s been two months since we transformed one of our Airbnb bedrooms and we’re happy to report the temporary wallpaper still looks great. And the two-person install was so simple!

Tempaper Designs

Let’s rewind. On a hunt to find quality temporary wallpaper, we reached out to Tempaper Designs to see if they’d partner up with us and provide product in exchange for an honest review. They didn’t hesitate to say, “Of course!”

We hopped onto their website to pick out the perfect wallcovering. But it was harder than expected … for real, so many designs to choose from. We had a blank slate in the space, so the possibilities were endless. So, we ordered four samples and mulled over the options for a couple of days. Then, we measured the wall to calculate how much paper we needed and placed the order.

(And true to form, I framed the other samples to use as decor for future projects!)

What You’ll Need

  1. At Least Two People
  2. Smooth Walls: If you have textured walls or walls with imperfections, you’ll want to smooth everything out with a skim coat of drywall compound. This is a must. The paper can’t do its job if it doesn’t have the proper foundation.
  3. Properly Painted Walls: Walls need to be painted with a Satin or Semi-Gloss paint finish. Flat or Matte paint finishes won’t work. If you find you need to repaint to get the proper finish, you’ll need to let the paint fully cure. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cure time.
  4. Space: We recommend pre-cutting your panels. Make sure you have a clean space big enough to cut your panels to length.
  5. Utility Knife
  6. Level or Long Ruler: To make straight lines for precise cuts.
  7. Cutting Surface: We used cardboard.
  8. Measuring Tape



Getting Started

We decided to do one feature wall in this bedroom. It’s the first wall you see upon entry and it hugs the beautiful solid green headboard I fell in love with on Wayfair.

We measured the length and width of the wall so we could pre-cut our panels. Because this wall has a door, we had to be mindful of where the seams would fall. This affected the widths of the two edge panels. To hang, we decided to start in the middle of the wall and work our way out. Since the middle is the first area the eye sees, we wanted to make sure those panels were perfect. To help with hanging the first panel, we drew a vertical line dead center on the wall and made sure the line was plumb. Just make a plan, as far as panel placement goes, so your seam placement makes the most sense.





You’re Ready to Hang

The best thing about Tempaper Designs is it’s essentially foolproof! We easily removed and rehung panels that we didn’t hang right the first time. This product is easy to adjust, move around, and get right (the second or third time, if you need it!) Tempaper suggests that you overlap the panel seams every so slightly. This way, when the house moves and adjusts with time, your seams won’t produce a gap.

Cutting around doors, baseboards, outlets, and windows is a breeze. We just used a utility knife for precise cuts.



Fall In Love With Your Space

Whether you’re a designer, homeowner, or renter, temporary wallpaper will transform your space.

It’s easy to DIY (as I hope we’ve shown here!) or you can hire an installer.

A bedroom with green headboard and tempaper wallpaper, chandelier, and bird decor.


Check Out Our Installation Video

Reading a review can be nice, but watching a tutorial video really shows the how-to in action! Check out our 10-minute video and follow along as we hang Tempaper Design’s Bird Watching in white and silver in our newest Airbnb listing!

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