How to DIY Your Home To Support Your Families Growing Needs

How to DIY Your Home To Support Your Families Growing Needs

It’s been said, having a family in Manhattan is tough. Unless you’re Kathryn and Chris and are up for the challenge.

They knew they were ready to buy and they also knew they were expanding their family. So when they started apartment hunting they knew this 760 sq. ft. fixer upper would be perfect – once they got their hands on it. They’ve now been in the apartment for 2.5 years and love every square inch. Getting the apartment just right was a big undertaking. It was a 1 bedroom and they needed a 2 bedroom. They had a vision and they didn’t second guest themselves! While Chris was away on a job, Kathryn worked closely with the architect, securing permits, and project managing the entire project. DIY projects like the bathroom, kitchen cabinets, and painting helped these two newlyweds save on money.

Between a challenging contractor, an annoyed downstairs neighbor who had a collection of glass animals that were becoming endangered by all the renovation racket, and a timeline that went into overtime, forcing Kathryn and Chris to camp in the construction zone – these two first time renovators were trying to stay positive throughout it all.

Now that it’s all done, they absolutely love how it turned out! Living in a small space, they say, keeps their family closer. It also helps them remain mindful about what they bring into their home – as a professional organizer that’s music to my ears and I can definitely appreciate that thought process. They did a wonderful job with their renovation – I can’t wait for you check it out!

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