# Awesome Things About Maintenance Free Exterior Millwork & Molding

# Awesome Things About Maintenance Free Exterior Millwork & Molding

The 2018 results are in. According to CNBC,, and other high profile media outlets, the biggest return on investment we can receive on our property is what everyone can see from the street: the front of our home.

Garage doors, front doors, and spruced up siding all ended up at the top of the list for best ROI. To help you understand how you can capitalize on that news, we found a company that not only specializes in products that upgrade the exterior of your home but these products are also virtually maintenance free.

More time for cocktails and binge-watching Schitt’s Creek.

I thought that would grab your attention.


Maintenance Free, You Say?

Yes, pretty much. We’re talking about decorative urethane millwork from Fypon. This stuff resists moisture, is durable, will not fall victim to bugs, and will not need to be scraped and painted every couple years like wood millwork will.

This is music to your ears if you live on the East Coast or the Pacific Northwest.

Plus, urethane millwork is made of high-density foam so it is flexible and incredibly light.

It has become the go-to product for many homeowners who simply do not have time or money to keep their exterior wood millwork and moldings looking beautiful.

Is it As Beautiful As Wood?

Urethane millwork has come a long way. And you’re not limited to using it on just the exterior of your home. Look how they achieved that ever-popular Joanna Gaines look with their urethane beams:


Remember, those “beams” are super light and flexible. Which means they’re easy to work with and easy to install — even with a big undertaking like in the picture above.

Wanna Know More?

Good. Fypon was kind enough to sit down with us for a 16-minute video interview. They share exterior and interior design inspiration, get down and dirty about the product and its characteristics, and dive into what adding urethane millwork and moldings can do for your property’s resale value.

Have you used urethane millwork products? We’d love to hear about your experience! Share with us in the comments below.

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