You Can Install a Convenient Keypad Door Lock from Schlage with Nestrs

You Can Install a Convenient Keypad Door Lock from Schlage with Nestrs


“Honey, where are my house keys?”

“Mom, I locked myself out!”

“Dear Air BnB Guest, please find the key to your space under the third grassy knoll to your right.” 

Inconveniences … be gone!

Thinking about adding a keypad door lock, but not so hot on the price tag of a the latest smart lock? You’re in luck: Home Depot offers a great product for around $100, the Camelot Keypad Electronic Deadbolt by Schlage. (This post is not sponsored by Schlage – we just love this particular keypad and have installed it into every one of our rentals.)


Photo Credit: Home Depot

So, how do you upgrade your traditional door lock for a new electronic keypad? It’s easy!

Tools You’ll Need:

  1. Power Drill
  2. Phillips Head Screw Driver

Step 1: DEMO!


Remove the doorknob and lock hardware with a power drill or Phillips screwdriver.

Step 2: Give back

Donate that hardware to your local goodwill with all keys!

Step 3: Install the keypad deadbolt


1. Start with the latch. There is a mark on the latch that indicates which end goes up. Slide it into place and secure it with the provided screws (but don’t tighten all the way just yet).


2. Install the keypad. Place it on the outside of the door. Feed the wire on the back through the same hole the latch is in and pull the wire above the latch, but not through it. Make sure the keypad sits flush with the door.


3. Next, grab the baseplate and feed the wire from the keypad through the hole on the baseplate that looks like “home base.” If the baseplate or keypad don’t sit flush, try grinding down the opening a bit. We like to use a Dremel tool for this task.


4. Now, connect the keypad and baseplate with the two long screws that came with the kit. Use a drill to save your wrists, but hand tighten so you can make sure everything is straight once you’re done.


5. Connect the wires and install the 9V battery.


6. Install the cover for the baseplate using a screwdriver and the two finish screws provided in the kit.


7. Hand tighten the screws that secure the latch. (Remember we skipped this in Step 1 – do it now.)


Step 4: Install the doorknob

1. Just like with the keypad, we’ll start by installing the latch. Look for the “up” inscription and secure with the screws (but don’t tighten all the way just yet).

2. Install the knobs. The knob with the screw holes goes on the interior side. Screw the knobs into place.


3. Now, tighten the latch.


Step 5: Install the strike plate and reinforcement plate

We recommend the reinforcement plate, as it adds a bit more stability and security to your door.

1. Remove the old hardware.

2. Screw in the new plate for the doorknob.


3. Install the new reinforcement plate for the deadbolt with the two screws provided. If the new plate is bigger than the old plate, you may have to drill new holes. Position the plate following the inscribed directions for orientation. Use your drill to make pilot holes (remember, pilot holes should always be smaller than the wood screws provided). Now, you’re ready to screw the plate into place! Always hand tighten manually.


4. Put the strike plate over your reinforcement plate and secure with the provided screws.



Step 6: Program your new keypad

If you want a standard height, dark, rugged, and handsome man to walk you through the programming step, then give the arrow a tap! We created this 10-minute video to make installation and programming easy. (For programming, fast forward to 6:36.)

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