How To Install a Dimmer Switch – For All Your Mood Setting Needs

How To Install a Dimmer Switch – For All Your Mood Setting Needs


Setting the mood in your home is as easy as swapping out your regular light switch for a dimmer switch. We’re here to show you how! As long as you have access to your electrical panel, you can do this DIY project. (Even if you’re in a rental.)

Whoo hoo!

What You Need To Rock This Out

Safety First

Before you begin any work, turn off the circuit breaker that controls the light you’re working on. Here’s our surefire method for finding the right breaker: turn on the light you’re working with, then flip the breakers until the light turns off. Easy.


However, you can never be too careful. Unless you’re going for that all-over mohawk look.

Jk jk jk…electrical shock is NOT cool. See a hairstylist for all your hair needs. Double check with a voltage tester to make sure you’re protected from shock!


Easy Peasy Swap

Once you’ve killed power to the switch, it’s time for the swap. We recommend getting an LED compatible dimmer switch to save on your electricity bill. Make sure you have the correct dimmer switch for your job. Is the light controlled by one switch (single pole) or two switches (3-way)? Some even do both! Double check the dimmer switch packaging to make sure you’ve selected the right product.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Disconnect the hot, neutral, and ground wires with a Phillips screwdriver. Remove that boring, un-dimmable switch.
  • Time to install your new, fancy, dimmer switch …
    1. The bottom brass screw on the right is the supply connection. Connect using your Phillips screwdriver. Wrap the hot wire around the screw clockwise for a secure connection when you tighten the screw.
    2. The copper screw on the left is the neutral connection. Connect using your Phillips screwdriver.
    3. The green wire is the ground. Connect these two wires and secure with a wire nut.

(Bonus step for 3-way switches: make sure to hook up the 3-way connection, usually with the top copper screw on the right.)

Test It Before You Nest It…

….see what I did there? 😉

Once the wires are securely connected, turn on the circuit breaker and test that the dimmer is working properly. If your switch is not working, double check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you made the correct connections.

Next, take a moment to wrap the connection points with electrical tape. This extra step keeps everything tidy and prevents shock.


The Final Touches

Carefully tuck the dimmer switch into the box in the wall. Is the switch component too big for the opening? For the perfect fit, adjust the removable tabs or use a utility knife to remove any plaster that’s in your way.


Look At You!

Swapping out light switches and conquering the world. You rocked it! Just put your faceplate back on and set the mood with a little dimmer action!

Now that you know the basics, bring it all home with our 5-minute video to get you through the install in a breeze.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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