How to Hang a Chandelier

How to Hang a Chandelier

Knowing how to hang a chandelier is helpful to homeowners and renters alike. You don’t always need an electrician. You just need the right tools and a little know-how.

Double Impact

The great thing about this project was we not only updated the look of this shared hallway in our apartment complex but the chandelier is visible from the street. It was important for us to hang a chandelier that would also make a positive impact on our curb appeal!

Since this fourplex has a colonial feel to it, we went with something classic, traditional, and stately!

What You’ll Need

For most light hanging projects you’ll need the following:

For Real – Don’t Electrocute¬†Yourself

The most important aspect of any electrical job is safety! You need to make sure you turn off power to the light you’re working with before you begin the job. Always double check that the power is indeed off with a voltage tester before you begin work.

Renters Can Invest in Lighting Too

If you’re going to be in your rented space for a decent amount of time we see nothing wrong with making your space your own with updated lighting. The best thing is, you can take the lighting fixture with you when you move out! Get permission from your landlord and make sure you save the old light so you can put it back before you leave.

Think About Bulbs

We love to use all LED light bulbs. They save on electricity¬†and last, what seems like, forever. We’ve been having fun with smart bulbs too. We’ve been using the Eufy Smart bulbs because they do not require a hub. Simply download a free app and schedule and control your lights from your phone!

Reading is Hard – Watch a Video!

Follow along our 13-minute video to learn how to hang a chandelier in your own space!

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