HGTV’s Guest Bedroom Challenge!

HGTV’s Guest Bedroom Challenge!

We won!

Of course it was the week with no cash prize—but we’re New Yorkers—we’re used to not having cash! 😉

We took risks with HGTV’s Guest Bedroom Challenge. We finally got back to the same confidence level we had with the first challenge!

And, as always, believing in yourself makes magic happen.




Gah! So cute! We love wainscoting! You could have gone up to that wall treatment with a microscope and found zero imperfections. We really paid attention to detail this time around. The wall color is Smoky Blue 7604 by Sherwin Williams.

And how playful are those coral bedspreads? I love figuring out how to mix different patterns and colors. The striped curtains go perfectly with the beds. What do you think about our fishnet tied to the window treatments? I knew I wanted to use the fishnet—I like how it added fun texture in an unexpected place!


Not sure if you have noticed how we’re having a lot of fun with oval and round shaped mirrors! They bounced light around the rooms and reminded me of portholes!  Every aspect of this room fit perfectly into our DIY classic revival beach house!

But can we get a spotlight on this guy:


Nick made that bad boy! You can’t really see but we anchored it to the ceiling and wall with more sailing cleats (the same cool hardware from the kitchen). We used pallet wood for the surface of the table and conditioned it with paste wax. We love how rustic it looks! Maybe someday soon we’ll have Nick give us a tutorial on how exactly he made it!

This episode was jam packed with stuff. From winning the challenge to finding out how much value we added to our property week 4 was stressful.

Here’s the thing—we’re in third place right now—pretty much tied up with Mahdi and Melissa. Make no mistake—on the show Lucy and Daphney seem light years ahead of us and Martha and Alex make it clear they’re gunning for the girls—but Nick and I know what it’s going to take to make the second half of this competition count. Don’t discount us yet.

Lastly, have you checked out the behind the scenes video with David Bromstad? He gets me to sing! Due to legal mumbo jumbo, I could only sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star—but how fun is it that my voice is on the HGTV website?!


When Josh was helping us this challenge I asked him about his past because I knew he studied as an improv actor. We got to talking and I let him in on the secret that I performed professionally as well. They didn’t air it, but I warmed up and sang for him—he seemed pretty impressed! Even said I should do voice overs for children’s shows! Or start my very own musical home improvement show.

I can dream.

Anyway, tune in next Sunday as we take on the office/den!




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