HGTV’s Beach Flip Office/Den Challenge

HGTV’s Beach Flip Office/Den Challenge

We do multi purpose like a boss!

As soon as we heard this space wasn’t going to be another guest room but a multi purpose office/den space I knew we’d do extremely well! Nick and I know how to make small spaces serve big purposes. This is going to be the room where the teenagers hang out if the adults are watching something “boring” in the living room—or where the workaholic sneaks off to to send off “just a few emails”.


Wouldn’t you want to sit at that desk, with your legs crossed, a comfy blanket over your lap, a hot cup of coffee next to your laptop, and leisurely write an email to a far away friend about how much fun you’re having in Gulf Shores, AL?

We would.

One thing we knew we wanted to do in each room was provide places for sleeping. The couch in our office/den pulls out to a full sized bed. It’s situated at the perfect angel to sit back and relax and watch TV.


This room just screams elegance—it’s something you’d find in the Hamptons for sure!

And of course, I didn’t spend $1,000 this time, but I had to provide ample storage space for towels, beach toys, and luggage:


Fun fact: Notice our sisal rug? We had sisal rugs in every room except the master so we wanted to continue that trend in the office/den. But we weren’t the only ones who wanted that rug…Lucy and Daphney wanted it too! They ordered a rug that was plush and grey. It was actually really pretty! So, we made a trade. They had this cute floor lamp that they gave us in exchange for the sisal rug….we also got their grey rug. What a deal, right?


Long story short, the lamp was broken (the girls didn’t know that) and none of our doors would open or close around the rug because it was so plush. I was tired. I was stressed. I started to tear up.

I sent Nick over to the girl’s house to see if we could get our rug back.

They were a bit sad about it, but I think they could tell how stressed Nick was about the whole thing. These ladies are sweethearts.

This challenge was hard! Two days?! Plus demo the bathrooms?! Yikes!

But I’ll tell you what, we learned a ton, worked (sorta) well under pressure, and turned out a FANTASTIC room!

Let’s get one thing straight though, we got along with Mel and Mahdi extremely well—and our design styles couldn’t be more different! Nick and I knew we had a strong room, but we knew it would have to come down to personal taste. That room was sexy—it was a well deserved win for the Coastal Calm team!!!

Until next week, check out all the behind the scenes fun at

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