HGTV Dream Home 2016

HGTV Dream Home 2016

Our trip to the HGTV Dream Home.

Do you remember when I had the wonderful opportunity to ride in a gorgeous GMC Yukon Denali on their Hidden Treasure Adventure last year? To be honest, I had never driven in a GMC before and while I was excited to meet bloggers and design a space for an adorable and deserving family, I found myself really enjoying being inside the Yukon Denali where everything I needed was not only within arms reach, but it was also just as gorgeous as it was functional. Nick and I were then later invited to a Design and Drive event in NYC. We got the opportunity to talk with automotive designers and learn how architecture, photography, and fashion play a huge role in GMC’s future designs. We got to drive their Sierra Denali up to the Hudson Valley and back—we haven’t stopped dreaming about owning one of those pickups yet! The best part about all these experiences are the people who put them together. The GMC family is incredibly special and they genuinely care about the thoughts, questions, and concerns brought forth by the people who drive them. So when GMC reached out to us about an opportunity to spend just under 36 hours experiencing the new 2017 GMC Acadia by driving it to the HGTV Dream Home in Orlando, FL with an incredible group of fantastic bloggers we had to pinch ourselves! The house is to die for, the Acadia is beautiful, and the people we shared this brief time with are incredibly inspiring. Here’s a recap of our little getaway to Florida:

We woke up bright and early and met the GMC team and fellow bloggers and got briefed on all the new features of this sweet ride. This thing practically drives itself. Nick was especially tickled that you could have your arms full of tools and just wave your foot under the back bumper to release the trunk. That’s right! Completely hands free! Tools, groceries, babies…whatever you got in your arms won’t stop you from loading up your Acadia. We thought that was pretty cool.

Oh, I want to back up quickly and highlight the fact that Nick and I got to hang out with HGTV Beach Flip’s —and our dear friends—Lucy and Daphney! We knew Lucy was going to be there, but she kept the fact that Daphney was joining in on the fun a surprise! Nick and I freaked out when we saw her the night before our adventure started in the hotel lobby! Sharing the quick road trip to the Dream Home together was non-negotiable. We did get lost once (or twice), probably due to our non-stop chatter and the inevitable ridiculousness that ensues when we’re together, but we eventually made it safely to the house!

Next up…another surprise! GMC kept it hush hush that we would have the chance to meet and talk to Brian Patrick Flynn – an American TV producer turned Interior Designer – and he. is. amazing. Not only was he incredibly generous with his knowledge and inspiration for the Dream Home, he also was interested in learning about who we were, where we came from, and what we were passionate about. A class act, that Mr. Flynn!

All this excitement and we still haven’t stepped inside the house!

The living room was fabulous. It is this perfect mixture of traditional beach house with memorable modern elements. The open pendants and coffee table left the space feeling light and airy. The giant custom print on the wall to the left of the picture reminded me so much of Mel and Mahdi from Beach Flip! They too took a picture and blew it up and put it on a wall in their beach house!

Next up is the open kitchen. Here’s what I know now after doing Beach Flip: designing for/on a TV show is hard. Not just the time limits and logistics, but also taking in to consideration it’s not cheap! If a brand is willing to donate product, you take it! In the HGTV Dream Home, Cabinets to Go supplied the gorgeous cabinetry you see here. The only downside is you don’t always have designer freedom. Brian shared with us that he would have loved to do different things, like take the cabinets to the ceiling, etc., but to keep costs down he used what he had. I love the basket weave tile! It’s such a great mix of modern with classic elements. There actually isn’t too much “beachyness” going on in this kitchen. I kinda appreciate that!

Next up I think, by far, was most of the bloggers favorite room. The media room is to die for! It’s just this really fun, casual yet sophisticated space that makes you happy when you walk in. I mean, who doesn’t love pops of pink?! It’s also one of the smaller rooms in the house and it just goes to show you that having a small space doesn’t mean you have to skimp on color, texture, or pattern!

This first bedroom has “Sarah” designed all over it! It’s the perfect mix of beachy – meets grandma chic (and I mean that in the coolest way possible) – meets eclectic – meets traditional. I’m obsessed. From that giant lamp, to the tarnished dishes, and the statement feathers, this room has it all. The natural light is ridiculous in this room.

I mean, come on!

You certainly can’t have a badass terrace bedroom without an equally badass terrace bathroom!

The other first floor guest room was doused in this creamsicle orange! Even the ceiling got a coat. My Grandma Glenna had an orange room in her house. It was awesome in the morning because the whole room had this sunny glow. It’s a bold choice and definitely one that isn’t for everyone, but I can totally appreciate it. This room would be my napping room.

If you walk up the stairs you’re greeted by the decision to take a right in to the aqua master bedroom:

or take a left to my dream bathroom:

You know I like some white on white bathroom action!

The giant chandelier over the modern tub is really what set this bathroom apart for me. I love the use of texture and pattern in this room. It makes it visually interesting and very luxurious!

Heading out to the backyard now; there is literally everything you could ever need back here! From a generous grill area to the sleek swimming pool – I would go crazy trying to decide where to spend my time!

You can’t make up this view.

It all happened so fast! Nick and I were beyond lucky to be included in this group of bloggers and be the first to test drive the all new 2017 GMC Acadia. Just a week or so after this trip, we went to Chicago for Martha and Alex’s wedding (yep, from Beach Flip!). While we were there, we also visited one of my very best friends who has just purchased a 2015 GMC Acadia. She LOVES her car and was so jealous we got to test out the newer model. Definitely see for yourself all the fancy bells and whistles this vehicle has to offer.

Which room was your favorite in this year’s HGTV Dream Home?

Although GMC provided accomodations and transportations, we were not compensated for this trip or this post.
These thoughts are all Karakaian originals!
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