Easy to Install Luxury Vinyl Waterproof Flooring

Easy to Install Luxury Vinyl Waterproof Flooring

A few months back we used NuCore’s vinyl waterproof flooring in a basement finishing project. NuCore looks and feels very close to wood (you can feel grooves and “knots” in the “wood”) but you’ll feel more confident installing luxury vinyl flooring vs. real wood in high moisture areas like basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.


This post is NOT sponsored by NuCore – we just happened to be curious enough about a product we’ve never tried and were pleasantly surprised with the results. And if we like it we know you will too!

First Things First: Where and How Much?

We found this product at Floor and Décor, but you can order this product online if you don’t have a Floor and Décor in your area.

At around $2.40 – $2.99 a square foot, this stuff is crazy affordable.

Ok, I’m Intrigued. What Makes this Product So Special?

Ok, here are the cool things about this specific product. It’s got a hypoallergenic cork backing that allows you to lay these planks right over your existing floor – no additional material or product needed. This cork backing also helps make walking on your NuCore flooring comfortable.

Also, you can install this product over most existing floors (except carpet).

And yes, they claim to be 100% waterproof! How cool is that?! If your dishwasher leaks – no problem. If your kid spills his glass of milk – no problem.

Most of all, it is really pretty. It raises the bar when it comes to vinyl flooring! When you see real hard hardwood floor you often notice a tiny space between each plank. They’re not usually 100% seamless. Well, this NuCore product incorporates that space into their planks so it looks more like the real thing. It’s pretty cool.

Ok, But Will I Have to Hire a Pricey Contractor to Install It?

Nah, playa! This stuff is easy to install! I mean, if you don’t have the time or desire, totally hire a handyperson to get the job done for you. But, if you have a weekend and you feel like getting all DIY this is the perfect project for you!

Materials We Used

Here’s the Step By Step

Once you figure out how you want to lay your floor, meaning where you want to start, installation is easy. We decided to start at the basement stairs. We wanted this area to be perfectly laid out since it’s the first thing people see. Once we made our way through the entry space we took measurements to see what the last row would look like.

We got lucky and the last piece would just need a couple inches ripped off. If yours doesn’t end up that way, you may have to adjust how you start. Dry fitting is always best.

As far as pattern, we wanted it to be random. We also wanted to make sure none of the seams from rows that were immediately above the row we were working on lined up with each other.

Once you figured out layout and pattern you’re ready to install.

The best thing about this product is you do not need a saw to make your cuts. You can get by with just your utility knife. However, as with most things, power tools make things a whole heck of a lot easier.


So, if you’ve got a miter saw, table saw, and jigsaw, they will help with making clean and precise cuts.

The flooring is super simple to put into place. You simply interlock each piece once they are cut to size. Make sure to push your boards together so each plank sits tightly together with its neighboring plank.


Use a rubber mallet to secure the sides of your planks.

You may run into fun and creative cuts, like around basement columns and doors. This is where a jigsaw comes in handy!


Use your carpenter’s square, measuring tape, and pencil to mark out your cut.


You guys, it really is that easy. Once you’re done you simply install your door casings and baseboards. Boom.

We were able to install a 600 sq. space in just about 8 hours with 1.5 people. Nick was helping me some of the time.

It just so happens that we made a video of the installation process. Once you see how easy this is, you’ll want to rip out that 1970s flooring in your bathroom and give yourself a much-deserved upgrade!

Is there another flooring product you know and love? Anyone else gearing up to change their flooring? We’d love to hear about your projects!

This post contains some affiliate links. Affiliate links do not change the price of the product for you. Instead, they are a convenient way to link to products Nestrs knows and trusts. In return, we get a small kickback that helps keep our saws sawing and our drills drilling! Happy shopping!

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