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Renovation Consulting

You’ve got a good General Contractor but no one to rely on to make educated design and renovation decisions? Most GCs are not interior designers and or investors. If you’re looking for local and educated boots on the ground contact us for our Renovation Consulting services!



This is always the best of both worlds. Whether you’ve lived in this space for years or it’s new to you, we combine your want and needs with our knowledge of what’s possible. We’ll give you the best ideas that work best for your budget.


Ready to get that ‘to-do’ list done?

We all know you ‘can’ do it, but this is what we do!

There is always list of things around that house that could be tidied up, but we both know what should be a 2hr job turns quickly into a few weeks or never finished. We all get distracted when there are other things to do in the house. We’ll be focused, fast, and leave you thinking that there might be a few more things we could have him do!

Our Portfolio

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