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Ridiculously Easy DIY Kitchen Decor

Ridiculously Easy DIY Kitchen Decor


Use It Or Lose It

Sometimes the best DIY projects come from needing to solve a problem. In this case, I took kitchen hand towels that I didn’t want to ruin and came up with unique kitchen decor I love.


Here’s the deal. My dear friend and fellow professional organizer gave me these adorable kitchen hand towels as a moving gift. They are all white cotton with cute “kitchen-y” sayings on them. Like, really cute. I love them but I knew if I used them for their intended purpose they would eventually get overused and stained.

I like things that look clean.

So, at first, I didn’t know what to do with this cute gift. They stayed packed up in boxes from our move from NYC but one of my rules I share with my professional organizing clients is: if you receive a gift that you can’t use do not just keep it because you’ll be afraid to hurt the gifters feelings. Instead, donate it or, in this case, think outside the box and come up with another creative way to USE it.

Use it or lose it.

I’m currently furnishing and decorating a new Air BnB of ours. The kitchen is small but the walls were white and bare. And then it hit me – I need to frame those adorable kitchen towels and hang them on the wall!

The thought of framing a texture like cotton for kitchen decor had me excited! I have 6 hand towels and I framed them two different ways:

Keeping the Towel Intact

I didn’t know how I’d feel about cutting up the hand towels so I wanted to see if I could frame the towel all folded up.

I first ironed the entire towel. I definitely had to use a lot of steam and water spraying to get the creases out. It was important I did this because the creases would be visible once framed.

I then got an 8×10 frame that came with a mat. I figured this would help it look clean and crisp. I put the mat on the towel to see how I’d need to fold the towel up to keep the image perfectly center.


I then ironed in new creases to keep the entire towel as flat as possible.

I then placed the mat back in the frame and put the hand towel over the mat.

I secured the back of the frame. The towel fit great! The back wasn’t bulging or anything. I decided not to tape or glue the towel into place. The pressure between the glass and the frame backing is high enough to keep the towel in place.

Then I Decided to Break Out the Scissors


I thought to myself: These are going to be cute framed. The fold method looks and works great, but if I cut out the image I can use double sided tape and super glue to keep it in place. So, I did just that…


The Result

Both ways look super cute! If you fold up the towel, the background of the image looks ‘whiter’. When I cut the image out, the cardboard backing shows through a little bit and kinda gives it this rustic farmhouse-y look. Cutting the image out was definitely easier than trying to fold it and iron it perfectly.


Well, what do you think? Any other ideas you thought of for these hand towels while reading this?

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