The Real Estate Industry is Using Social Media All Wrong

The Real Estate Industry is Using Social Media All Wrong


“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it. ” Simon Sinek

When I watched Simon’s now famous Ted Talk, it changed the way I see everything in business. I want and need to do business only with people who believe what I believe. And I need to share why we do what we do. Not just that fact that we’re “doing this thing and you should buy it”.

Gone are the days where I’m doing everything I can to make everyone a customer.

I am no longer afraid to write in my voice. I am no longer timid about having an opinion.

If you like beige. I’m not your girl. If you hate AirBnB, you probably won’t like what I’m posting about on our social media accounts. And if you have no problem with boob lights, you might get annoyed with my rants about how much I hate them.

And that’s ok.

A picture of a boob light with a "no" sign in front of it.

Put Effort Behind Engagement

It’s not about hard selling our audiences on social media. It’s pretty much the opposite. We want to engage with people, weed out those who don’t jive with our message, and then start conversations.

Include real and engaging stories. Ask questions. And I’m not just talking about asking people how their day was.

We all know how that question goes over when we ask kids or our spouse.

“It was fine.”

It’s a boring question that doesn’t get anyone highly engaged.

But real questions we ask ourselves all the time like the one in this post started a conversation where we could interact with our followers.

Woman opening a pair of white curtains.

Maybe: “Wondering if you’ll ever be able to find a great, affordable home in this crazy competitive market?”


It’s something that’s on everyone’s mind already and you probably have something to say about the topic. Pair that question with your response, in your voice, with a picture, perhaps, of a nice home you sold to a family who also shared the same struggles of finding a home. Then you’re showing potential clients that they’re not alone, there is hope, and that you’ve found solutions for others. You can do all this without being obnoxious and advertising your services.

Get it?

The Oxygen Mask Complex

Once I understood this for myself I started to notice that others in our industry suffered from boring marketing and unengaging social media posts.

But I had to help Nestrs first before I could see that my friends were drowning on social media too!

Especially house flippers, real estate agents, and general contractors.

It’s all: “I sold another house!” or “Made huge profits on my last flip” or hardly any caption at all with a dark, weird angle picture of a construction zone.

How will you build relationships with people that way? How will potential clients begin to know, like, and trust you if they have no idea who YOU are?

If you’re all about sharing only your successes, hiding behind your post, or posting hard sale pitches you’re missing out on what your competitors are doing:

They are following this model: Give, Give, Give, and then a soft, gentle, sell.

You should too.

Hey Real Estate Peeps…Did You Know…

  1. The real estate industry only responds to 11% of its incoming messages from social media platforms
  2. The real estate industry was ranked in the top five of the Top 10 Most Annoying Industries on Social Media


YOU Can Help YOU Stand Out and Share Your Story

The first thing I did when I made a big change in our social media was I turned the camera away from our work and more on Nick and myself.

Not because we love a spotlight. (Even though we don’t mind it) 🙂

But because people don’t buy WHAT we do. They buy WHY we’re doing it.

Pictures of us got much more engagement than pictures of our spaces – although we do still share our work – it’s just not a majority of what we post.

And then when we started to record video our followers really started to get to know us! They could hear our voices, understand how we speak, how we interact with each other, and they could feel like we were talking to them.

We become real and approachable.

How to Tell Good Stories with Video on Social Media

1. Set the Stage:

  • Care about lighting. You don’t have to get fancy with this. Stand in front of windows, facing the light, not with your back to the light. Think of any source of light as your spotlight. You want it on your face, not behind you. If you’re in a dark space, these lights have served us well. Also, if you are all about that portrait mode and taking selfies, you have to get yourself this!
  • When you set up a shot for video or even a picture, look at the composition. I’m not a photographer or a videographer and you don’t have to be either. Just make sure you’re either center in the shot, with enough space above your head so your head isn’t being cut off, or you can be off center if it’s for a purpose. If you want your viewers to see something else in your shot then you can stand off to the side.
  • Up your audio game. If you just depend on your smart phone’s mic to pick up your voice you’re going to get a lot of background noise. Carrying around a lav mic is a great idea. We use this one and it works great.

Here is our amateur photography and videography kit for our social media efforts:

2. Be Authentic

  • Try not to go into your “customer service” voice. Be you! Talk like you talk. Say what’s on your mind. Be imperfect!
  • Share what’s real. Do not share what you think people want to hear and see. If you’re already naturally doing something then it’s most likely interesting to viewers.
    • For example, if you always stop at that amazing local coffee shop every morning before heading into the office take pictures of what you order, maybe even ask your favorite barista to say “Hi” on camera, and then tag that favorite local shop in your post.

3. Think Before You Share

  • Always provide value.
    • If you’re sharing something simple in your day, like visiting your favorite coffee shop, the value you’re providing is a recommendation on a great place for locals to get great coffee with a smile. You’re also supporting that local business.
    • If you’re sharing a clip of your kids running in the yard, understanding the value of that clip will help you share with purpose. Do you want your audience to relate to you being excited about spending time with your kids? Say that in the video. Are your kids doing something that always makes you crack up? The value then is humor. But if you’re not sure what value of the clip is, it’s probably not the right time to share.

4. Collaborate with Other Professionals to Provide Ultimate Value

  • Do you ever notice how your friends and family always ask you for great recommendations on contractors? Stagers? Designers? Pay attention to the questions you get asked – especially if it has nothing to do with a sale or a lead – and see if you can’t answer that question publically.
    • If people are always asking you for a great handyman consider teaming up with that handyman and filming a quick how-to video for Facebook. Or maybe do an Instagram Live with this professional. You’re helping out a local business and establishing yourself as a resource in your community. Win-win.

There Are No More Secrets

Face it. With the internet and social media there are no more secrets. So, if you’re afraid of giving and giving and giving because you think everyone will steal your secrets to success you’ve got some reevaluating to do.

With YouTube videos on every topic under the sun and blog posts that lay out step-by-step instructions on how to do and accomplish just about everything, secrets don’t exist anymore.

Adopt the mentality that there is plenty of work and success to go around. You’ll create raving fans who know you, like you, and trust you. They’ve already implemented all your free advice and now they need to hire you to get the job done.

So stop posting pictures of properties, posting a caption that says, “Open house this weekend”. Who are you? Will you care about me and my family’s needs? Are you fun to work with? Do you have a personality?

Answer these questions by opening up more, engaging with your online community, and watch your business soar.

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