Nestrs | Organize Your Entryway in a Day!
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Organize Your Entryway in a Day!

Organize Your Entryway in a Day!

You can make a big change without spending too much change, you just need a little imagination.

Organizing tiny NYC entryways is sometimes a challenge. Sometimes tiny apartments and houses don’t even have ‘proper’ entryways and you’re forced to create one. Such is the case with this space:

Organize your entryway in a day.

The door you see straight ahead leads to this home’s only bathroom. To your right is a wall with the circuit panel and to the left is a narrow hallway leading you to the living area. The only space we had to work with is that little 12″ x 14″ corner next to the bathroom door.

Good thing we’re stubborn and creative!

One trip to the reuse store and our arms were filled with old spindles and inspiration!

Wanna see how we rocked this space out? Check out the entire tutorial on!

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