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My Favorite Storage Boxes

My Favorite Storage Boxes

Every year I love attending the National Association of Professional Organizer’s conference – not only for the educational and networking opportunities but also because it’s an excellent time to connect with the brands I often recommend to my clients to solve their organizational dilemmas. I can see what’s new, what’s hot, and offer feedback to the professionals directly responsible for the product – how cool is that?


Last year, I had the opportunity to speak with the fine folks at Samsill. I’ve used their products before when assisting clients with their at-home office spaces and productivity needs. However, what caught my eye this year were their storage boxes. I know, I know – storage boxes – aren’t they all created equal? How big of a deal is a storage box really? Well, when your clients are constantly looking for storage boxes that are sturdy, easy to keep clean, easy to label, and, when not in use, don’t take up too much space in their NYC apartments, the perfect box can be increasingly harder to find. That’s why, when I saw these boxes, I asked Samsill if I could try them out with a client of mine who works from home for a large corporation. She needed something that would stand the test of time, yet help her office space look more streamlined. They obliged. I’m happy to report they work just as good as they look. They are now my favorite storage boxes!

The first thing I noticed about these storage boxes were how well they stored themselves!

Samsill Compact Storage

When not in use, they can fold into themselves in under 5 second. They lay neatly in their lid so you can tuck them away if you’ve just finished a big project and you don’t currently need to have the box out.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 1.50.50 PM

As easy as they are to fold up, they’re even easier to get ready to use. The corners are reinforced with metal so no more unsightly smushed corners. The rest of the box is incredibly sturdy so stacking them is a breeze. There’s no caving. The box is coated in fabric that is scratch resistant and easy to dust or wipe down so they always look new and tidy.


My client had boxes that were constructed with heavy paper – but nothing that was standing the test of time and constant use.


We quickly got to work filling up several Mega and Essential sized boxes, organizing by category and date.


Easy to stack, we were able to max out the height on each shelf of her existing bookcase. My client was instantly in love. These storage containers not only get my approval, but the approval of someone who had no idea a perfectly constructed box could bring such a sense of calm to a high traffic hectic space.

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