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Our Last Client…For Now

Our Last Client…For Now

We just wrapped our last traditional client for awhile!

We’re busy working on our first multi-family investment – much more on that later. From dishonest sellers to a controversial paint job, we’re already having the adventure of a lifetime!

But, before we dug in at the 4plex, we took on an amazing project for old college friends who live in Columbus, Ohio.

They have a gorgeous home but had a giant space in the basement that was unused. The best part was their basement was clean, dry, and level. It just needed drywall, paint, doors, and trim.

In come Nestrs!

We are new to the area so we didn’t have our short list of dependable plumbers and electricians. We had to depend on referrals from friends who lived in the area and Angie’s List.

In the end, we found great contractors to help us wire up the basement for recessed lighting and install plumbing to allow for a wet bar.

And to share with you this basement renovation, Nick and I are going to try something new. I like writing, but I don’t *love* it. What I love is storytelling – with my voice, with my expressions, with my hands – and the best way to share with you what we’re up to is through video.

So, we’re going to start vlogging. Mostly as a way to document our renovation adventures but also to share what we learn along the way. Whether that’s a cool new product we tried out, an over-hyped product that you shouldn’t bother with, and how-tos that worked for us.

Disclaimer: we’re not experts. We’re lifelong learners. We’ll never know ALL there is to know about home renovation and design. There are so many ways to get something done. 

In this recap video, we talk about the challenges of this basement renovation, what we learned, and what we loved:

Stick around to the end to see the before and after!


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