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HGTV Bathroom Challenge

HGTV Bathroom Challenge

Bathroom beauty…is in the eye of the beholder. But when the beholders are HGTV stars David Bromstad, Nicole Curtis, and Josh Temple, you better hope you did them proud.

I feel like every week I say “this challenge was tough” but this HGTV bathroom challenge was beyond exhausting. We practically pulled all nighters to get the work done. Nick and I were delirious.

Most of the frustration came from day 1 of the competition when we set out to buy our tiles. Stock was limited in Gulf Shores. Everything Nick and I liked was out of stock or only available 2 hours away. We didn’t have that kind of time or resources—or money for that matter. Remember, at this point in the game, we have the smallest budget.

We found some relief when we learned the other teams were also having a tough time nailing down the tile they wanted. Eventually, one tile store was kind enough to bring us one sample of everything they had in stock. It was like The Hunger Games for home renovation—and the odds were not in our favor.

We didn’t have much money to spend so we had to choose wisely. Looking back on it, I’m not quite sure why I picked such a dark glass 3×6 tile. The master bathroom is definitely put together well but it wasn’t our best design work.


We should have never spent money on the glass door showers. Curtains are easier to keep clean and look much better. Not sure why we did that—it was an expensive mistake. The mosaic tile stripes are pretty against the olive green 3×6, but Nicole was right, it didn’t flow well coming off of our light and airy master.

Now, our guest bathroom, on the other hand, was AMAZING!!! We knew exactly what we were doing with this one. We wanted white, on white, on white. The key here is to add different textures to break up the color monotony.


How cute is our toilet paper roll holder?


We could have even gotten away with a clean white curtain and towels, but coming off the playful guest bedroom we knew we wanted to bring the blues and oranges from the bedroom into the en suite bath.


What Nick and I wanted more than anything in both bathrooms was hexagon tile. In NYC, this stuff is in abundance. Down south? People look at you like you have two heads! Isn’t it funny how different areas of our country stock different trends and designs? We were relieved to find something similar to use in our Hamptons inspired bathroom.

All in all we’re really stinking proud of what we accomplished! The bathrooms are beautiful—we know we have what it takes to do this for a living. Pumping out designs like this in such a short amount of time and under a lot of pressure means we’re more than ready for the real world.

And how about our competitors? Martha and Alex’s cedar walls in their bathroom made you feel like you were in an upscale hotel in Aspen! Mahdi and Melissa were giving you W Hotel realness!!! Lucy and Daphney, once again, produced flawless work. I was obsessed with their handmade octopus art!


Next week we’re given two days to go around our houses and fix anything we aren’t happy with! Nick and I felt like it was our last chance to catch up to the first place spot. I can’t wait for you to see how much the teams did re-revamp their beach houses!

Don’t forget to stop over at for all the behind the scenes shenanigans. If you really want to see what goes on behind the scenes of a reality TV show you gotta check out these videos!

Also, you may or may not have heard that last week I was asked by GMC to fly to Detroit, MI, hop behind the wheel of a Yukon Denali, and drive almost 1,000 miles down Highway 127 with Atlanta as the destination. Along the way I was to collect treasures to restore and use them to decorate a Habitat for Humanity home. Well, I’m home from that adventure and I cannot wait to share everything with you! I worked along side 7 rockstar DIY bloggers and got to know some of GMC’s finest employees. The best part was, the entire crew helped dedicate the house to the deserving family. When you see their adorable faces your heart is going to melt. Stay tuned!

  • ScottieV
    Posted at 01:08h, 12 August Reply

    those cleats again! I love them, an desperately need to find them. 😉

    I love your bathroom and love hearing about your adventure. You can imagine how loud it gets here on Sunday night. XO!

    • Sarah Roussos-Karakaian
      Posted at 01:05h, 18 August Reply

      I love that! There’s gotta be a boat or outdoor sporting goods store near you—they’ve gotta have cleats!

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