Nestrs | GMC’s Hidden Treasure Adventure – Part 2
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GMC’s Hidden Treasure Adventure – Part 2

GMC’s Hidden Treasure Adventure – Part 2

I love reveals!

And this has to be the reveal to end all reveals! When you know your work will surround a deserving family it brings on all the feelings!

To back track just a bit, I was asked by the rock stars at GMC to join seven other ridiculously talented bloggers on GMC’s Hidden Treasure Adventure along the annual 127 Yard Sale, also known as The Worlds Longest Yard Sale. This yard sale covers over 900 miles of yard sale goodies and includes 6 states! The goal was to surprise a deserving family in Atlanta with a furnished and decorated home to be dedicated by Habitat for Humanity. GMC provided us with a modest budget to spend. They also flew us all to and from the adventure, housed us, fed us, and kept us motivated! How amazing is that?! We were not compensated in any other way—this was about opening up our hearts and creativity—and it was all possible because of the good people at GMC!

To read all the details about my adventure to Atlanta, check out that post here.

Ok, let’s get to it!

As a reminder, Mr. and Mrs. Yaro loved greens, blues, oranges, black & white, and greys! That’s about all the information I had. That, and Mr. Yaro loved soccer. I did a little bit of research on where they’re from. I didn’t know much about the Ivory Coast, but I wanted to see what typical homes looked like to see if I could get any inspiration. Not only did I find a lot of earthy tones in a lot of the homes I found on Google, but I also came across the Ivory Coast national football team.


The jersey’s are orange with teal details. They also have an elephant graphic that represents their team. I had a few more pieces of information to take with me to the yard sales!

Here is the before bedroom:IMG_0731

and the bathroom:


Yeah blank slate!

As soon as we arrived to the home, I quickly got to work. Lucy was waiting on a few things before she could get started in her kitchen, so I convinced her to help me get started on making my $6 lamps pretty!


These lamps needed lots of love. They had a small band of fabric at the top and bottom of the shades. I decided to spray paint the inside and the top and bottom bands gold and then give the outside of the shades a fresh coat of creamy beige paint. The base of the lamps got a new coat of matte black.

elephant after


Paired with this elephant I found for $2, and my nod to the Ivory Coast national team, I knew I had one night stand ready to go!

Speaking of night stands, I picked these up for about $25 each. The tops were pretty worn down, so I decided to give them a couple coats of chalk paint and then sealed them with a top coat of polyurethane.


Those of us who had bedrooms couldn’t bring ourselves to purchase yard sale bedding. We shopped great places like Home Goods and Wal Mart for budget friendly bedding. I found bedding that fit right in the color parameters the Yaro’s provided. When put all together with the “headboard” I found, I think it came together well as a relaxing adult space.



Next, we moved in this beautiful dresser I scored for $125 that needed NO work! It was advice we received from our experienced GMC Hidden Treasure Adventurerers and mentors, Brooke and Allison, to not purchase too many projects as time is limited! I knew this was a piece that would last the Yaro’s for years to come.


It just took a few cute pieces that I found along the way to make the dresser a focal piece in the room.


See those three books in the tray? They belong to a set that Michael bought along the yard sale for something like, $2! Some investigative work went underway after we got home and he found out they’re going for $199 online! What?!?


Here’s a little closer look. I love the peacock feathers I found from this very interesting guy along the route in Kentucky! Lucy loves the bottle we found for $1 for the feathers and I couldn’t resist that wooden box that said “Ivory” on the side. And see in the background that little piece of wood hanging on the wall? That was my little DIY project I took on for Mrs. Yaro. I noticed in the picture of her that she had a fabulous hat on and was just very well put together. I searched for a piece for her to store her hats or jewelry and I couldn’t find anything I liked. I was inspired when I found this wire thingy that looks like it might fit over a headlight. I mounted it to a reclaimed piece of wood, added some hooks for additional storage, and boom! Jewelry storage! Mrs. Yaro can hook earrings or necklaces to the grid or hooks and display her jewelry and add visual interest to her space as easy as that! This project cost me $2.DIY jewlery hanger

I had one more wall I wanted to show some love to. I found these three pieces of decorative metal at a huge sale in Tennessee. I ran twine through holes and hung them on the wall above my newly reupholstered sword chair!


I was pretty proud of the space. I was glad I could provide them with a beautiful space to rest their heads surrounded by their favorite colors. It was enough to get them started.

On to the bathroom. Again, when it came to bathrooms, we wanted to provide them with brand new towels and floor mats—which I found at Home Goods for a great deal. On the counter top I picked up two glass jars to house cotton balls and Q-tips, and brought some of the dried plants from the bedroom onto the bathroom counter—along with a cactus that was also found along the yard sale. I wanted to make sure any greenery I brought in to the space was low maintenance.


Adorable black shelves brought some visual interest to another wall. On them I placed candles, because every master bathroom needs candles!

black shelves


An organizer and some hooks will provide homes for all their toiletries. I finished off the space with a crisp white shower curtain and black and white bath towels. The space was ready!

Now, let me take you on a quick tour of the rest of the house!

When you walk in to this cute house, you’re immediately greeted by the cutest living room ever, decorated by seasoned designer and blogger Ashley of Simply Designing. You guys…look at this table she MADE!

coffee table

She took two tables…a sander…a lot of talent…a made a coffee table that will make Restoration Hardware drool.

living room after 2A closer look at that darn coffee table!!! And look at the rest of the treasures she found!

living room

A dresser she prepped as a media console. The living room screams charm!

As you continue to walk you’ll find a combination dining room/kitchen that was tackled by my Yukon Denali mates Lucy of Lucy Inspired and Rhoda of Southern Hospitality.

Here are the befores:

kitchen before 2

kitchen before


Now, brace yourselves….


kitchen after 3

I mean….stunning!!! Had so much fun with those two!

After you pass the kitchen, on your right is the cutest laundry room, decorated by Michael of Inspired by Charm.

laundry room after

Michael was like me and had double duty by also decorating little Elias’s room. When I tell you it’s the most charming little boy’s room you’ve ever seen…even on a healthy budget…you won’t believe me til you see it.

elias after 2

elias after 3

elias after


and let me just remind you how cute Elias is…


Last, but for sure not least, is Dusty of All Things G&D and her ridiculously creative and crafty room for sweet Yassine. Yassine loved pink. She’s 10 years old. Look what Dusty created for her…


girl after 1



I would have been obsessed with this room when I was a little girl!

Well, let’s be honest, I’m obsessed with it now.

Dusty was also responsible for the main bathroom:

guest bath after

And yes…we had so much fun putting it all together…but nothing could prepare us for how grateful this family was once we surprised them with their furnished home!



This journey was nothing short of amazing. I’m so grateful to have been included among these amazing bloggers and the GMC team. I’m not sure this year could get any better!

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  • Dusty @All Things G&D
    Posted at 03:53h, 09 September Reply

    I loved reading your recap, Sarah! I wish we would have had more time to admire and enjoy each other spaces before the Yaro family’s big arrival, but second best is reading this and seeing all of the wonderful details you added to your spaces! I love the elephant on the night stand (so clever) and the box marked with “Ivory” – truly impressive! WTG, girl! I had so much fun joining you on this adventure – let’s do it again next weekend! 😉

    • Sarah Roussos-Karakaian
      Posted at 19:19h, 26 September Reply

      Thank you, Dusty! It was such an honor to get to know you more! Your work is top notch!

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