Nestrs | GMC Yard Sale Adventure – Part 1
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GMC Yard Sale Adventure – Part 1

GMC Yard Sale Adventure – Part 1

We dared to shop The World’s Longest Yardsale… yet again.

And, of course it was for a good cause. Nick and I were honored to be invited again by GMC to participate in their Yard Sale Adventure. We flew to Detroit, MI, where GMC magic happens, loaded up a gorgeous Acadia Denali with a modest budget, a wish list, and a whole lotta excitement as we headed out on Route 127 to shop the yearly event.

GMC Yard Sale

We were living our thrifting dreams. That’s the face of pure joy, ladies and gentlemen.

GMC Yard Sale

For those of you who know us know that we cannot wait to trade in our adorable, yet small, Mazda 3 for a GMC pickup. Ever since we’ve gotten opportunities with GMC this past year to get behind the wheel of their vehicles, including one incredible trip to the HGTV Dream Home in Florida, we’ve been in love.

I honestly day dream about seeing an adorable nightstand on the side of the road and being able to have the proper vehicle to load it up. Or go thrifting without wondering if everything will fit. Or just being able to make our lives easier when we’re out on construction jobs.

It’ll happen. Most likely in a GMC Canyon, because they’re smaller and easier to navigate in NYC.

Until then, we’ll take GMC up on their invites to drive these gorgeous beasts.

GMC Yard Sale

This feature was one of our favorites! We never had to wonder if we were parked within the lines or how close we were to another car.

Not only that but the On-Star and wi-fi features had us living like Kings while on our 4-day road trip. Although, the gorgeous views also distracted us.

GMC Yard Sale

Ok, Kentucky, we see you!

Getting back to our adventure.

GMC partnered up with Habitat of Humanity and received limited information about a family whose home was ready to be dedicated and moved in to. But, before they get overwhelmed with filling their new home with furnishings and decor, a group of ridiculously talented bloggers would spend 4 days traveling 4 states, searching for treasure to rehab, reimagine, and repurpose.

We were tasked with filling their entryway and living room with homey goodness. The rest of the rooms were divided amongst our fellow designers/bloggers:

This year, GMC invited:

Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer (the little boy’s room)

She Buys Cars (the kitchen)

French Country Cottage (the laundry room)

Artsy Chicks Rule (the little girl’s room)

Two Thirty Five Designs (the master bedroom and bathroom)

These bloggers are seriously talented – both at storytelling and sharing their creative brilliance. If you enjoy following DIY bloggers, and these ladies aren’t already on your list, do yourself a favor and check them out.

GMC Yard Sale

We all paired up and got the Acadias on the road. Our GMC crew, Megan, Jasmine, Katlynn, and Sean were there for us with a Sierra and a trailer and a Yukon Denali so we could transfer our finds and make room for more. We would leave a hotel around 8am each morning, hop in the GMC Acadias and try to decide which sales would have just what we needed to make our space perfect.

GMC Yard Sale

One of our first finds was this old metal milk jug.

The yard sale event went from Wednesday-Sunday. We started our shopping journey on a Thursday and these vendors were not budging on their prices. They knew they had a day or two before needing to get serious about unloading their goods. This milk jug was going for $25. I’ve seen them being sold for as much as $50 at the flea markets in NYC, so we weren’t too disappointed when this vendor wouldn’t budge. Nick was excited to make it into an umbrella holder for the entryway.

GMC Yard Sale

We also found this great ladder. I should mention that the only information we had on the home was a floor plan with basic dimensions. We weren’t sure if the spaces had overhead lighting or not. If not, this baby was going to be a chandelier that we would hang lanterns from. If lighting already existed, we were thinking blanket or book storage.

GMC Yard Sale

Along the route, GMC highlighted opportunities to pit stop at Habitat Restores. Have you been to a Restore? If you have one in your community definitely check them out. Tons of great finds!

Once Friday came along Nick and I were rocking and rolling. We found old suitcases in wonderful condition. If we had our way with them they would become side tables.

GMC Yard Sale

An old trunk would be sanded down and cleaned up to serve as their coffee table, and old factory storage units would serve nicely as a TV stand.


We even got our friends at GMC to get down and dirty painting this fabulous vintage bench for the entryway!

GMC Yard Sale

Check out our Facebook Live post featuring all our DIY projects for our spaces here:



GMC Yard Sale

Once we arrived in Atlanta Nick and I rushed to the house to see what the home looked like to give us a better idea of what we were working with.

GMC Yard Sale

This is was the living room.

Check back tomorrow when we share all the magic that happened once 7 bloggers got to work.



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  • Karen Marie Kedzuch
    Posted at 15:26h, 18 August Reply

    Sarah & Nick,
    One of my favorite parts of following you is your giving spirit. You have amazing talent plus skills to make it happen but, your hearts filled with gold make you glisten with joy. Thank you for being the bright gems in my day.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

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