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Creative Skateboard Storage!

Creative Skateboard Storage!

We had a client who has moved from apartment to apartment in the last year, trying to find the perfect home for her and her son. Once they settled on a great place with tons of amenities, our client wanted to make sure her son felt at home as soon as possible. He loves to skateboard, but found it difficult to store his equipment in their new, but small, NYC apartment. We thought this would be a great opportunity to make him feel like he had a space all his own where he could store his skateboards and other sports equipment. We went to the hardware store, played around with different design options for shelving using plumbing fittings, and created a floating surface for this little guy to display his skateboards on! What’s even better is he can use the top of the skateboard surface to place his helmet, bags, sunglasses, or whatever else little dudes need to have fun!


This DIY shelving project takes up very little wall space and maximizes its storage opportunities.


Plumbing fittings
Appropriate screws and anchors
Power Drill
Spray Paint (optional)


STEP 1: Find wall space

Find a great spot for your skateboards to live. You’ll want to make sure you have about 10″ for these shelves to stick out. Narrow hallways may not be your best option


STEP 2: Gather pipes and fittings

This next steps allows for a bit of creativity. I like to go to Home Depot and play around with different shelving options that these pipes and fittings can create. For this design, we got 1/2″ fittings: 1 flange, 1- 8″ nipple, 1- 90 degree elbow, 1 socket, and 1 cap.


STEP 3: Assemble pipes and fittings

Assemble your shelving. We had a few fittings left over from a previous project that we recycled into this project. The 8″ nipples give us enough depth to house a skateboard if it’s laying flat.


STEP 4:Spray paint

If you don’t like the look of the fittings as they come from the hardware store consider spray painting them! The little guy we made this for got to pick out the color for his shelving. Without hesitating he decided on indigo!


STEP 5: Measure

We held up the skateboard to help us decide on the height of the shelf. We wanted it to be low enough so a kid can grab-n-go, but not too low so it’ll be a great height no matter what age he is! We penciled out a line where this bottom shelf would live.


STEP 6: Mark the wall

Draw out a level line.


STEP 7: Mark screw holes

Using your level line, take your assembled piece and mark out the four holes of the flange. Then, drill appropriate sized holes for the anchors you’ll need to use on your walls. You’ll want anchors that will support a good amount of weight.

Ignore those extra circles below the flange – we decided to mount it a bit higher after some consideration 🙂


STEP 8: Attach pipes to walls

Secure the fittings with the appropriate screws. Your shelf should be super secure and level!


STEP 9: Add a second shelf

We decided to off-set the top shelf to cover more wall space. We made sure to put at least 12″ between each “shelf” so there is plenty of room to store stuff on top of a skateboard. Repeat steps 5-8.


STEP 10: Hang skateboards

Hang up your skateboards and there you go! Easy storage that is functional and kid-approved!

You can fit more than one skateboard on a shelf if you lean them against the wall. You’ll give up a storage surface, but it’s a great option for someone who has more than a couple skateboards!

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