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Nick Focused on This ONE Thing for 66 Days

Nick Focused on This ONE Thing for 66 Days

We’re self-employed entrepreneurs. We have to actively search for properties to renovate and prepare for great renters. We have to actively search for new clients to trust us with their home improvement projects. It’s not likely anyone else is going to do it for us -at least not yet. So we have to stay focused.

And we just left everything we know in NYC to explore a new way of life – with an RV full of everything we own.

For the past three months, we’ve been traveling around the U.S. visiting family, helping them with their home improvement projects, and searching for great real estate deals.

Nick and I make it a point to read and listen to stories of successful people—their triumphs and their failures. It encourages us to keep trekking on. This has been especially true as we’ve been traveling and dealing with our NYC separation anxiety.

We’ve been at this a few years now and successful people more often than not have the same message: you’ve got to stay focused on tasks that will bring you amazing results. You have to stay focused on yourself. You have to stay focused on your health, your mind, and your relationships. You have to create habits that will keep you in your sweet spot.

It’s not easy to put yourself first.

It’s also not easy to implement new routines that support this type of focus—or any focus at all!

One book that’s really stood out to us is The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or a self-employed professional to appreciate their message. Stay at home moms, corporate professionals, students – everyone can benefit from their simple truth to getting awesome results.

Well, Nick wanted to give it a try. He took a baby step, but he stuck to his goal and completed it. He created a new habit. It’s the first time he stuck to any new resolution.

Anyway, our intention isn’t to get too “life coach-y” on you, but I’m just so proud of Nick. Before I continue to gush too much or take the words right out of his mouth I’ll stop so you can hear it from him:



How about you? Have you ever created a new, good habit? Did you stick with it? Was it worth it?


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