Craigslist Makes Interior Design Projects Custom and Unique
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Craigslist Can Make Your Next Design Uniquely Yours

Craigslist Can Make Your Next Design Uniquely Yours

Flea markets, consignment stores, antique stores, oh my! But have you considered Craigslist a must-stop-shop for furnishing your next design project?

Craigslist is a Gold Mine!

We believe that good design should be available to everyone. It’s all about mixing Restoration Hardware with IKEA. Or leaving Restoration Hardware out of the equation altogether and DIYing that reclaimed wood coffee table instead.

You’ve seen it all before: Design on a Dime! Flea Market Flip! The hype is real, my friends. You’re going to spend time shopping for that perfect piece anyway, why not get it at half the price (or less)!

Home Decor Steals on Craigslist

Always Be on the Lookout

I’m definitely on Craigslist 3-4 times a week. Even if I’m not looking for anything in particular – I’ve come across gems I never would have seen if I just waited to shop until I needed a specific something.

I’m not talking about hoarding items you don’t need – you’ll know it when you see it.

Home Decor Steals on Craigslist

Which brings up my next favorite thing about Craigslist:

Craigslist Can Help You Customize Your Project

Let’s say you want a giant mirror for your bedroom. Like….gigantic. But everywhere you look they’re a million dollars.

And then you see on Craigslist your gigantic mirror!

Damn, the frame is ugly…


I know, I’ll paint it! And I’ll paint it the same color as that cute decorative pillow on the bed. It’ll tie the whole room together.

BAM! One awesome custom designed room, coming up!

Home Decor Steals on Craigslist

We sourced many of these wheels from Craigslist. Clean, prime, paint, hang! One cute boy’s room coming up!

Tell Me More!

I contributed a few more ideas when it comes to finding steals and deals on Craigslist to Verily magazine.  Click this link for more tips and tricks from myself and other fabulous interior designers!

Home Decor Steals on Craigslist


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